dventures are playable stories that take the form of a series of web pages called tableaus that you can navigate through by making choices or editing new parts into.  The links and options you choose have an effect on how the adventure proceeds.

     Your options can be those presented to you, or you can create new pages.  In this way, the project is a free-form way of interactive fiction that others can follow through the created paths or forge their own ways.

The outgoing links from the page assume you already know How to play



List of Adventures



Playable with original characters

You can create your own characters and make up new adventures as you go or join in those with space for you


In progress with existing characters

Choose your own adventure style, multi-path adventures of historical or legendary characters.


Browse for all adventures

Tag search: adventure

Tag search: play - search for all tagged play, which need to be the roots of each adventure


Adventure Kickstarters

Place-based Ideas

Archetypical areas that you can adapt to your own storyline:


Nascent Concepts



Adventure Development - rules, strategies, writing tips

Storytelling Design - Making Concept maps as how to play adventures, this will become a main section in the Mechanics rules once it is cleaned up for the javascript tree

GM Resources - yes! we need another link farm, soooooo many good resources out there.  Will copy/paste my bookmarks upon request


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