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Animal provinces

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 10 months ago

Many species can have ordered tribes ruling a portion of the landscape (forest, desert, mountain, swamp, etc), the Shashnimyn is only one of these nations e.g. a spirit nation of the Wolf-Lion borders two benevolent advanced Shashnimyn states.

The Shashnimyn recognize the animal states as sovereign nations. Generally the interactions between them is kept in peace. Many of these states have beneficial trade with the Shashnimyn or pose a significant power to try to conquer. In the above example of the Wolf-Lion state, the Wolf-Lion tribe would be quite powerful and lead by a spirit animal This Wolf-Lion tribe would strong enough to maintain a set area to forage upon, in their case, an ample area of prey. Shashnani’i people that wished to take from the land in that tribe’s nation would have to adhere to the rules agreed upon, or cause political consequences.

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