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circle magic

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ircle magic is a magical type that uses geometry to interact with magical energy sources. Generally these energy sources are astronomical in nature. Circle magic is a type of rune magic, where symbols, characters and drawing are infused with magic potential.


Circle Magic can be used for many tasks, the most common are as follows:

  • Protection circles
    • Force fields
    • Protection from weather
    • Sanctity from monsters
  • Healing circles
    • Regeneration
    • Removal of disease, curse, paralysis
    • Mental peace
  • Summoning
    • Restrited
      • for questioning, information or trade of power
    • Unrestricted
      • generally looked down upon, cause it can be dangerous to more than just the spell caster
  • Blessing
    • Blessings can persist when entities leave the circle, or last in the spot long after the circle has been disturbed
      • Trees of life make these blessing circles with their roots, that help the land to prosper







Geometry of a Magic Circle;

Explanation of basic principles


  • The lines do not cross the perimeter of the circle. Those that are within, do not exit. Those that are radial branches outside, do not go in past the circumference.
    • Lines that do exit the circle act as 'leakage lines', where the effect of the magic can be directed.
      • This is rarely desired as the consequences can be destructive, unpredictable or undesired. A protection circle with any breaches will not form a complete seal.
  • The main geometric structure within the circle dictates the primary effect of the magic.
    • The shape is oriented with respect to the closest magnetic pole.
      • At the equator the orientation has less effect and it is the intent of the caster that makes the orientation stick
      • In space the circle must be oriented to a structure that remains constant (even if only relatively so) e.g. the triangle on a wall that points to the front of the space ship
  • North, South, East, West lines are not necessary to draw, although they are crucial for the creation of exact geometry.
  • Landmark lines to measure angles of the figures outside and inside the circles are erased before the circle is invoked. If they were left intact, they would change the interior geometry.
    • The results of this could be very bad, allowing energy to funnel to the interior of the circle in an uncontrolled manner, rather than building it towards the spell's intent
  • The angle and distance of a figure/circle/character (e.g. the bullseye-like astronomical circle at the top right of the figure) are representative of the location of an important astronomical landmark.
  • Major astronomical landmarks include:
    • nearby stars
    • planets within the system
      • these each have their own domain of influence, or set of characters, much like our own astrological schema
  • The size of a circle/figure outside the circle is based upon the amount of power you want to draw from it. The balance of this power is important to the spell.
  • The size of the figure/characters suspended inside the circle are measured as a relative proportion of the circle area.
  • The moon and sun domains need to have proper alignment based upon their positions at the time of the spell. Sizes can be proportional to the length of day and night at the time of the ceremony (invocation of the circle).
    • Spellcasting time can be delayed by special modification and orienting them for that future moment. Prolonged spells need to have the beginning and ending positions linked
    • The use of the sun and moons in circle magic is rather complicated and there are many exceptions and special cases which can be applied depending upon the context of the spell.


Tailoring a Circle

Runes and spell writings are intent specific, so each circle must be drawn to a set time, or period.  Runes are magical writing symbols.  Sigils are combination of normal language written characters in magic ways.


The edge of the Sun and Moon domains always meet the edge of the circle. Depending upon the time of day when the circle is invoked these domains can be on the outside or the inside of the circle.


If the celestial body is visible, it generally goes on the outside. If the body is concealed by the planet (ie, a straight line to it's center would pass through the planet) then it is drawn on the inside. If the bodies will cross the horizon during the ceremony, they may straddle the main circle.  More energy can be gained for the spell as a result but it is difficult to harness and the ceremony would require very precise timing.


Elemental domains need to be consecrated with an active representation of that power. eg. candles, flute, dry soil (the richer the better), a bowl of sea water (local water, unpurified with sea salt added is a good substitute).


Here the elements are pictured as the four basic elements of an Earth-based system. The Shashnimyn have a different set of elemental houses. Other domains that are not elemental can be aided by consecration in this manner. e.g. for a mechanical blessing circle, a raw hunk of metal from the ground could be helpful.


Sun is the patron of day, beginning. It is often consecrated with seeds, new flowers, etc. Moon is associated with night, ending. Bones and polished/very smooth stones are good.


The basic size of the circle represents the size of the planet. Increasing its size will result in a more powerful/successful result, but all the other calculations must be changed in size proportionally.

If used for large spell effects small circles will very often fail. If they succeed in such a case, the energy received may be hard to control.

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