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d20 Shashnimyn Supplement Guide

Page history last edited by 1nfinite zer0 11 years ago

This page is devoted to the development and connection of all the concepts which are required in order to shape the Shashnimyn universe into a publishable supplement for the d20/OGL system.  The following bullet tree is a general layout and the text not taken from other pages will be gathered following that.  The OGL/d20/etc rules will be specifically for pnp play.  Online development will continue as freeform/narrative/custom.



  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
    • Colour text, we all love colour text.  But what subject?
    • Objectives
      • Co-operative
      • Fun
      • Explorative of an ecologically and socially harmonious utopia
      • Dystopian elements and constant battle against evil personified
  • Setting
    • History
    • Major Civilizations & Subspecies
      • Jungle
        • Permaculture units
        • Canopy cities
        • Volcano cities
        • Stylistically similar to Mexica peoples (Aztec, Inca, Maya, etc)
      • Desert
        • Nomads
        • Canyon greenhouse arcologies
        • Isolated strongholds
        • Hopi, Anasazi, Egyptian and Fremen flavour
      • Mountain
        • Machine cities
        • Tunneler cave dungeons
        • Surface towns
          • Gurus
        • Victorian/Steampunk flavour
      • Animal Myn Tribes
        • Termita
        • Wolf-Lions
    • Minor Civilizations
      • Algae Cloud Farmers
        • Skyships
        • Trade & routes
          • Atmospheric wind patterns, and key stopping points
      • Temeperate transition zones; farming
        • Ecologically critical
          • Produce a lot of food, population-sensitive
          • Most of the goods are traded away for protection
        • Dinosaur Herders
      • Outcast Nations
      • Gumar
        • aka Mecenasnuro
        • Island
        • A few items commonly found on the main continents
        • Not playable or fully developed, more of a footnote
    • Geography
      • Key features
        • Maps - world map a/o one continent in detail?
        • Pyramids, Volcanos, World Trees
        • Travel
          • Trains
          • Long distance mostly restricted to slow & dangerous ships; water or air
      • Important Buildings
        • Crystal towers, Grand Library, Skyport obelisks, Arcologies
        • Kitchen pods, Health Centers (ScP), Libraries (TI), Temples (ASp)
      • Beastiary
        • Here or mention them in the related sections?  e.g. Dragonflies with Cloud Famers
        • Demon creation tables?
    • Society
  • Custom Rules
    • mostly fantasy, but also some modern (specifically firearms)
    • SAPTIS
    • Magic
    • Character Design
      • explanation of how to adapt existing skills, talents and classes into the SAPTIS and magic system
      • needs to be highly compatible to allow the magic system to grow naturally and easily
      • a move towards a classless system; careful of balance
  • Archetypes - a selection of skill choices that reflect typical classes for convenient use, leave some room for customization
    • Aristocrat
    • Animist Warrior
    • Physical Artist
    • Tinkerer
    • Magician
    • Shaman/Healer
  • Reference Tables
    • Monsters/NPCs embedded in relevant section, or all in a batch at the end?
  • Glossary & Index





Proposed rulesets:

d20 Apocalypse, integrate core magic better.

rewrite classes, races

some magic are just skills

adjust for pre-req tree


Adventure supplement:  It would be nice to include some quick playing adventures, or little hooks and scenes that can be embedded into campaigns to get people started.  Also, this would portray the theme in addition to the other writing.


Dungeon under Dryad's watch.  not finished, maybe too big?

Cloud farmer, stormbringer

City subterfuge



Art-related, where to find good art that fits the theme?  Budget?  Good art and layout is crucial to the success of a supplement.


Mechanics discussion

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