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Single children are always produced from a heterosexual fertilization (95% each mating). Twin children come from the fusion of a dual-homogender gamete. The homosexual breeding causes these gametes to share their genetic material equally and then require the fusion to a pair of opposite homogender twin gametes. They will then develop normally into two identical twins which show a blended inheritance.


Twins have the advatage that four possibilities for any one loci are available to them, but they also have to use them all. This translates into gameplay as the twin characters being allowed to choose ahead one rung of their body's developmental techtree. The disadvantages of this are: Twin characters can only be created with another online friend willing to be a twin with you.


This should be more like a friendship pact to the players rather than a strength/quality difference, ie no bonus/math changes to whether or not the players are together often....<revise this>


Since all rungs on the body development techtree give numerical bonuses as well as choose the future route of developmental influence (unlocking future options.)

  • e.g. a choice of lungs,
    • aquatic abilities or
    • heat resistance,
  • leads to different paths of future options that may be exclusive
    • gills or diving
    • heat tolerant or heat producing
  • in nontwins (and)
    • +1 for the first choice
    • +3 for the second choice
  • in twins (or)
    • +1 for the first choice and +3 for the second choice
    • +2 for the second choice
Bonuses and penalties cab be skipped for developmental rungs not chosen, but prerequisites cannot be passed.



Twins start with an identical state when born but where they go from there is still up to them. Thus, they are linked by basic predispositions but can still develop into functionally different characters. By looking at a pair you cannot always tell that they are twins or not. Regional markings will still distinguish them to their respective server of origin.


Also, as a twin, you cannot delete the other character from your network and you can query their location and stuff.



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