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This encyclopedia is a free, text-based RPG and collaborative setting. It is a rules light, cinematic game set in a world of near future fantasy. The main themes are environmental sustainability, social consciousness and co-operative creativity.


  Our primary goal is to use roleplaying to educate and socialize youth, but it is an in-depth setting that can appeal to role play gamers of all types.


  Importantly, it is a wiki-based format which encourages online collaboration and play to create the world's first speculative utopia evolved from fantasy gaming.


How to play (game mechanics)

Quickstart Guide (rules summary)

FUDGE system alpha (as above)

FATE system beta (in dev)



Welcome - Our overview of

where you have found yourself.

     Or, read the synopsis therein if you are wondering what the Shashnimyn are and what the encyclopedia is for.

Table of Contents

A good place to start navigating towards your interests.

     A categorically-nested list of the major articles



Featured pages to visit:

Illustrated subjects

RPG Adventures

Cloud Farmers



Circle magic

Crab Cow

Peoples of Shashnia

Underwater Reaches


The Demon Siege

How to play

Quickstart Guide

FUDGE system alpha

FATE system beta

Create a New Character

Tutorial Adventure

Request a GM/Storyteller

Ongoing Adventure notes

Example Adventure 2

Short fiction

An evening walk in the canyon

The timepath watcher


    The project aims to use collaborative fiction world-building to help the world's youth create socially and environmentally conscious fantasy world.  It is a setting and a system for fantasy gaming in this world.  The goal is to imagine the change we want to see in the world, and develop that through constructive entertainment.  You are encouraged to add your own stories, art, code and discussion.




Are there Elves, Dwarves and Dragons?

Familiar with RPGs but wondering how this game differs to fantasy you know?

On this page we've outlined a few tropes and twists unique to this world.



How to use the wiki

  • Important links are also in the box to the right side of the wiki, in the Sidebar section.  Check the Recent Activity section there for documents that will have been recently edited or an up to date list of all pages
  • In order to edit or comment on any page, you'll need to create an account (link at top right) which is free for anyone to start immediately.
  • If you feel need help with using the web page, posting guidelines, or are otherwise lost please try this page: Navigating the Library and feel free to add questions, comments or edits with any additional information you'd like to see. 


Besides providing a detailed world, cultures and history for allegorical fiction, a major goal of this project is to create a collaborative role-play gaming setting.  Post some notes from your campaigns and we can incorporate them into fiction for others to try.


Here are the games we currently focus on:

Freeform Universal Dice Gaming Engine

All rules on this encyclopedia are immediately compatible with the FUDGE system.  These are written in the pages on Game Mechanics, with FUDGE content under OGL.  FUDGE rules are quick, cooperative and applicable to any imaginable situation.  Other systems also convert quickly so that your inspiration can transfer from whatever you'd like.


d20 Shashnimyn Supplement Guide

The development of this world into the popular d20 ruleset (OGL).  This project will eventually be released as a pdf sourcebook when completed.  This is also a great guide to the most essential topics in this wiki.



An awesome indie game which focuses on fractal world-building and roleplaying history. A fun way to play large swaths of time and generate a region with a unique history that suits you. We encourage you to play this game right here on the wiki and your histories will become canon.



A way to play the setting diceless.  An indie RPG that makes unique and cinematic storylines through co-op story telling dynamics. 

Community Links

Do you have a gaming site or blog you'd like to share?  Link it up!


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