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The hometown of a Shashnimyn is a very important thing. It is where they will always receive welcome. Even if they have been exiled and committed to be a horrible individual, they can still try to seek solace in their hometown. To be exiled from one’s hometown is generally perceived as a sentence to death.

In gameplay, the hometown will benefit the individuals. It cannot be changed. Travellers can abandon theirs and not receive the benefits.  But, if you've done something horrible, don't expect to be accepted easily.  You will have to work hard to redeem yourself, but you will not be cast out.


At birth, each Shashnimyn is marked with the symbol of their hometown.  Some of these take the form of a tattoo, others scarification, and some as a magical rune that is typically invisible (but can be detected with magic).

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Basic things you can find in a town

Cafeteria - a kitchen & eatin pod

  • there is cooked food ready
    • eat and then do some cleaning
  • there is no food ready
    • character can make something, a big enough dish to leave for others
    • a small dish, enough to make it to the next scheduled meal
    • come back later
  • there are food supplies
    • take some and value is noted.
      • repay it through other deeds
      • bring back food of another kind

Bath and Washing

Equipment Depots

  • tools
  • loans
  • personal items
    • potions
    • valuables; high level items

 Work for Credits

  • farming
  • animal husbandry
  • labour

Training Guilds

  • Physical
    • sparring
    • martial arts training
    • where can I go to do weight training?
      • labour guild, volunteer for some work

Visit the Elders

  • Parents;
    • Youth sponsorship groups
  • Aunts & Uncles
    • Older than you by X years
  • Grandparents
    • The Elders you went to for wisdom and love.


attend a policy meeting


be summoned for protection or challenges

  • sign up


Social arrangements

  • Innocents
  • Youths
  • Adults - each have the same rights and responsibility, but are addressed differently based uponn age relationship
    • older; respected
    • same cohort; brother, sister
    • younger
    • much younger; pupils
  • Elders

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