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all three of you decide to look for how the doors could open. Krepta inspects the seal of the doors to the walls around it and checks the floor for a touch pad. He can see scrap marks from the door opening in an arc, but they look very old.

Fasticus looks around the frame through the bushes to see if there is a switch or lever. Neither he nor Krepta find anything.

Lynn starts brushing away at moss growing on stones nearby, finding more runes but none that seem to suggest a manner of opening the door.


After you are done searching you hear the light padding of footsteps, looking up and across the clearing you see a woman dressed in a simple white flowing garment walking towards you.


Fasticus approaches her with slowly, and asks who she

is and why she is here.


Walks up behind Facticus, looking over his shoulder at her.


"Ah yes, the centaurs. so proud and headstrong" She smiles knowingly. You can see her slightly pointed ears as the wind shifts her hair and also notice she has no shoes, no other possessions upon her other than the simple white dress bound at the waist.

"My name is Sharn. I have been watching you. This is my home, may I ask what you are doing here?"


Fasticus speaks, his ears burning from how rude he had

been. "We are sorry to intrude upon your home, dear

lady, but we were directed to this clearing to gather

an item to trade for knowledge. We wish to be

adventurers (Straightens up to look stronger), but

we're pretty knew at it." His shoulders drop slightly

as he looks to his friends for furthur words.


Lynn Shrugs, not knowing what to add, and looks to the ground, shuffling her feet.


"Do not worry, you are not intruding at all. It has been quite some time since I had visitors.

"I am guessing that you are from Ezvek, there are few other places where one can find such a diverse group of friends.

"Sir," she looks directly at Krepta "I can feel your shyness, do not be afraid. If you follow your heart, acting will only make you stronger.

"I am intrigued as to what item you could be looking for around here, come back to my home if you would like and we can discuss your adventures and perhaps i can help as well as answer any questions you may have."


Fasticus looks towards his companions to see if they

want to follow as well. "She seems kind, and unlike to

harm us." his body language says. Lynn nods. krepta said that he doesn't want to stay here so he is up to the trip.

Sharn begins to walk back towards the mighty oak. You all follow her. You notice she walks lightly, barely bending the grass as she steps upon it. There is a pleasant breeze that follows her as she passes by the trees, as if they were welcoming her presence. You are convinced that Sharn is a nature spirit of some sort, and was likely the source of the tranquility that you experience while in this place.

Upon reaching the mighty oak, she pats its giant roots gently and reaches within their contortions. She pulls out a platter of bark with a pile of berries and fruit on it and passes it to you. "Please, take my offering. As you might have guessed, I am a Dryad, this tree and I are one. The forest around you is my home, under my protection."

"Long ago there was a great battle here..." she looks down, as if troubled

"A force of great evil tried to establish itself here in the forest. The elves and my kin fought it bravely, I tried to protect as many as I could. Many died, both elves, tree and forest kin alike. Eventually we won, and forced the evil into a tomb where it lies today. But this evil is ageless, it will not die with time. The clearing you see today is all that is left of the great carnage that was that battle, the trees and I have left the space as a memorial... but that was many years ago"

"As adventurers I am sure it is within your wants to try to stay this evil forever. Perhaps it can be done, if you are pure of heart. I would love to hear the story that brought you here."

i assume someone relates the tale, starting with Kahl the mad, looking for crystals etc...

"Ah yes, Kahl and Shelali. The two most caring and creative humans in this area. Your intentions are noble, Kahl can only wish for these crystals to do good with them. But I am sure he knows at what price they must come. It would not be easy to collect them, they are witihin the confines of a cavern. The same cavern to which you see the entrance over there" She points to the mound with the stone doors.

"But as you have seen these doors are unopenable, they are locked by magic... only the keeper can open them..." She pauses

"If you can answer my riddle, I will send you to the elvish village in the trees near here. When they hear your story they will surely find you the keeper, and perhaps aid you in your quest. They would like to the evil contained within that cavern vanquished as well as I"

"So a riddle.....hmm" She giggles lightly

"I am the sort of things a duck and a dragon talk about over tea. I am like the wind but not a force of nature. I am movement, I am grace, What am I?"


We believe the answer to your riddle is flight."

speaks Fasticus, who reigns supreme over the paper cups?


"Oh," she smiles "you've gotten it in one..."

"It took me quite a while to think of that one, none of my kin could ever guess it. I suppose I'll have to think of a harder one for next time.

she pauses, obviously thinking

"There is a wood elf village not far from here, if you continue travelling SW past the waterhole they will find you. It is these wood elves who are responsible for keeping the cavern sealed, you must have their permission. They will know someone who can open the great stone doors. Merely explain you're intent and tell them that I have sent you and they should be able to lead you to that one."


its late afternoon, based upon the directions she gave you think you could make it to their territory soon after nightfall.


Well people, we best set off then, if we plan on getting there before we collapse on our feet.

Lead the way, Oh Elven One.

Krepta stands there and wonders why we aren't moving.


Sharn waves at you smilingly as you leave the clearing. She has given you a little more indepth directions than before.

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