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"Our forests of Myndarin were historically seen as a place of great spiritual and magical energy. There is a special vein of crystal formations that are concealed underground that were destinations for those seeking increases of magical ability or enlightenment of their soul for many generations.


A few hundred years ago, a great demon scourge had threatened our forests and started gutting the land, mining out many of these crystal deposits. The myn united their tribes and rose against the demon influx. The battle was fought fiercely in the complex shadows of the forest. Many lives were lost, many caves were destroyed, many acres of forest were burned. The demons were driven out, but the amount of residual magic has since subsided in this area.  Our scientists tell us the crystals we still guard will gradually accumulate magic, but we still guard the veins from further threat.




"Many of the powerful, magic-dependent creatures began to migrate elsewhere after the decrease and over the years our forests have become quiet.  This was a pleasant rest for some of us, but perhaps it has made us too comfortable.  In the past few years, the number of demon attacks has increased so much that it does not seem to be just chance.   However, at this point, we still recommend a restrained level of action."

A youth asks, smelling of spices from the bakery stands and asks "But! If we think that a demon is sourcing monsters at this point why don't we track it down?"

"There is likely an unwanted entity out there, but our defenses are adequate so it is better to seek out information to hunt its origins rather than wasting energy wandering around."

"Shall we enlist a Termita scout?"  the senior Alchemist guestured questioningly,

"Hmm" The speaker nods, "That is a good suggestion, we would do well to include the Termita and trade information.  What do we, the elders say?" A chorus of nods behind the speaker settles it "Good, send that young ranger who's shown such a liking for insecta to live with them for a while for an exchange and..." the speaker turns around and three fingers are raised on one hand "three cords of the fresh bamboo stacks with the usual cord of wood.  We'll send an emissary to the towns and present an information bulletin once there is something useful."



South of the forests the land opens to the peaceful fields of agriculture and the surrounding hills.  A small town named Ezvek had just finished a harvest and Youth graduation.  As happens every so often, there was a batch of youth eager to make use of their new found freedom to explore and adventure. 



This is a story of those four youth.  They do not know the magnitude of peril they are about to fall into.






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