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Jungles are one of the three dominant land covers on Shashnia. The amount of atmospheric H2O, O2, CO2 and temperatures play a large role in their maintenance. The many mountain ranges also provide areas where precipitation is deposited as the altitude rises.  Jungles tend to be a self-perpetuating ecosystem; the presence of jungle allows adjacent areas to be colonized by jungle, so it has gradually converted all of the land suitable.  In between Jungles and Deserts are the temperate transitions.


Jungles contain most of the organic life on Shashnia.  In the past, there was a strong trend to slash & burn areas and do cyclical farming and then leave the areas fallow to regenerate.  As the populations grew to city sizes within the jungles, it was noticed the jungles could not recover as fast as was needed.  Permaculture methods were adopted so that farming could be done in a stratified canopy with jungle that was mostly natural, but modified to better suit the needs of the people. 


The Myn tribes are also very active in these regions which limits Shashnimyn expansion by conflict, predation or truces. There are large predatory Dinosaurs lurking in the Jungles too, mostly in regions with Canopy citie

Jungle Adventurers

  • Very Good climbers
  • High Animal & Plant skills
    • Origins of Psyplastic plant development
    • Good survival botany
  • More chaotic/random behaviour than outsiders
  • Good tracking, stealth and ambush
  • Rangers, Rogues & Beast Shamans
  • Shorter, dark skin with coloured spattering
    • Rarely have short antlers
    • Sometimes have keratinous, coloured scale-feathers
  • Farming is mostly passive & pruning
    • Cycle maintenance more than intensive
    • Animal Breeding common



Regional overview

  • Permaculture Farming units
  • Canopy cities 
    • Tree towns
    • Ropes, Platforms & Hammocks
    • Structurally hung
    • Canopy top ecosystem different
  • Volcano cities 
    • Active mountains rising out of the rainforest
  • Stylistically similar to Central and South American peoples
    • Mexica (Aztec, Inca, Maya, etc)
      • Irrigation and Temples
    • Andean
      • On the volcanic/mountainous jungles
    • Tupi and Guarani
      • Food forests and Hunters
  • Important Ecological Processes


Adventure Hooks

  • High biodiversity
    • Lots of Monster-Myn interactions and Tribal exchanges
    • Searching for ingredients
      • Alchemical, Herbology, Shamanic
  • Dinosaurs!
  • Hunting
  • Farming



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guarani_mythology - a list of jungle gods


Image CC

http://www.flickr.com/photos/teejaybee/5342060173/sizes/m/in/photostream/ - wet katydid on branch

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