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Living in the town of Ezvek

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The town of Ezvek is a smallish agricultural town.  Located in the middle of dry savannah, days walk from any other settlement, the lives of its people are simple and happy.  The savannahs are home to a modest herd of grazing animals, a river fed by the mountains provides fresh and continual water for permaculture croplands.  The town is well known for producing riding bows and kathinis.



What would you like to do?


Explore the fields to the south in search of:

  • forage
    • sage, can be used to recover magic points
  • building materials
    • s54 or s47 as components for leaf armour
    • sticks for construction
  • animal life
    • grazers
    • snakes
    • birds
    • insects
    • Termita, rare encounter

Work in town

  • volunteer labour time for food, lodging etc
  • trade your services or goods
  • Farming

Leave for the capital city

Head for the mountain

Talk to the locals


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Living in the town of Ezvek - part of an adventure path with more detail on things to do in and around Ezvek

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