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Minigame mechanics are rules that are nested within the basic set of rules to make an achievement more interesting.  They focus around the basic thematic principle that increased effort and focus on the part of the player will lead to a more productive outcome.  So, although many minigames can be avoided by a single skill roll (or whatever is appropriate) going through the minigame will produce better results.


The most developed minigame is farming.  A basic skill roll can be used by those players just wanting to get it over with, but those interested in playing through it can produce much better yields and control what they are producing.  Farming is a necessity to all towns, so it is quite common that a player will encounter labour in such a context at one point.


Fishing is another minigame, but fishing stocks of the highly productive sites or those near towns are tracked and require permits.


Cloud farming minigame

Shared Dreams - storyteller practice mingame in the Dream Realm

Conceptual Map

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minigame ideas

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