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more minigame stuff

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 8 months ago

a major premise of the game is that attention to a taskw ill make you better at it. Thus, a complete and utter n00b can do it by auto-pilot, circumventing interaction and allowing the computer to have his character perform at the base skill level. Or, the player can choose to do the minigame, perhaps lowering his effective skill level while learning the rules/technique and then increasing it above what the numbers would say his skill would =in such a situation (bonus for player use rather than just a base skill roll). success using the minigame max add points to learning that skill (balance dependent?) levelling up your skill should allow you to access a new stage (like increasing the number of river lanes in frogger). using the minigame score like a percent (or meter with an exponential curve filling). scores can be used to overcome difficutly target numbers

insert graphic of the target number curve

  • notes on figure:
    • lvl 4, tn 30, score 20, time +8.5, style +14.5, 43
    • curve can be standardized or selected prior to the minigame with an efficiency enhancement-self
    • e.g. minigame, bug-catching game in childhood which is like twitch fishing and golf hold/release (+3d shooter aiming)
      • longer hold down = slow time
      • slowdown time = the longer you hold, time starts to slow, but your release increases in probability of screwing up. release too late and your new catch won't have been squished and can fly away. (~increases chances of catch, while decreasing chance of bug squish)

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