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Nations refer to any major planetary faction and a specific territory of their control.  The Shashnani’i, the Termita, and mountain trolls are examples of Myn that have global nations.


A Nation is any group of sentient beings that hold provinces. Each Nation is represented in the global council. The aligned representatives from across the world (in disjunct populations) make up their faction on the global council.


The word Nation is also used to describe a specific territory a myn Nation controls.  For example, the Nation of the South Pole and World Trees is a territory controlled by the Shashnani'i, and is also where the seats of the global council rest. 


Red and White Nations

The Red and White nations are the two major Shashnani'i Nation divisions, and the ownership of the various provinces in them changes as a result of sporting competition.  These two nations arose during the evolution war, the Red nation represented the blood of those burning strong with freedom to breed as much as they wanted.  The White nation symbolized purity in voluntary breeding selection for better inheritance.  Both of these are old concepts and not strictly adhered to.  Present reproductive culture varies across the globe, and is typically tied more to the sustainability of the landscape carrying capacity than old traditions or grudges.


Competitive Nationalization

The world is divided into many provinces of myn.  The Shashnani'i provinces are governed locally, but also share wealth with their national allegiances.  The allegiances can change over the years through votes or by being conquered in competitions.  Competitions are organized challenges of sport, skill or magic.  A large scale-duel, or series of smaller campaigns.  There is a complex series of bidding and wagers.  As a province wishes to resist more completely a conversion, it puts more payouts at risk if it fails.  If a province wins at defending, it receives a reward.  Due to the nature of these rules, challenges and changes happen far more often on bordering areas.  Although, it is not unheard of for a small army to sneak into a deep territory and attempt to beguile their way into a challenge they can actually face with their numbers.


These competitions are a great source of entertainment, and widely supported among the public.  It is very sporting, in fact, almost all sports the Shashnani'i play are geared towards these competitions.  Heroes of great legend will take time in between quests to aid in competitions.  Powerful sorcerors contribute less often, as they tend towards being more serious or even grumpy, but since these competitions can also include one on one magical duels or intellectual challenges such as the game of Go, it is a way to demonstrate ones reputation at a regional level.


The Animal Nations do no generally humour attempts to have their Nations conquered in such competitions, but sometimes enjoy a certain game played with locals.  There have been a few star Termita players that volunteered to play for a neighbouring province.

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