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Pluck from a distance

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 6 months ago

A spell, to take things out of the distance.

Any observers must be behind the caster in order to maintain the correct perspective necessary for casting this spell. The caster can reach out as if she were going to ‘crush someone’s head’ (ref: kids in the hall) and then manipulate that object.

The spel strength required is proportional to the intensity of the action. E.g. moving a mountain is near impossible, but picking a myn off hir mount is much easier.

If this spell is used in conjunction with a fetch spell, this perspective manipulation spell can be used to bring things to the caster’s location. Anything fetched will maintain the size it was previously perceived at due to perspective; something pulled from the horizon will be miniature at the caster’s location.

The miniaturized objects will gradually grow in size as it is moved away from the spell caster’s location; it’s size with relation to the perspective of that spot remains constant.

If a person is fetched it is quite disturbing to them: a giant hand appears outstretching from the horizon to pull them back (with what looks like incredible speed even thought an equivalent acceleration by distance does not occur) into the hands of a giant.

Vision works as normal but the fetched being will hear the sound of the past. In essence they are hearing the soundwaves that were headed towards them when they were back in their original location. The same thing happens with sight, but the difference is hardly perceptible.

The subject is still spiritually and physically where they were plucked from but is caught up in this altered fold of reality. They will feel the same temperature, weather, etc of where they were but can only interact physically with the spellcaster. If the spellcaster attempts to harm the individual that they have plucked, or otherwise inconvenience them (besides the obvious weirdness and discomfort) they have a very likely chance of disturbing the lucidity of the situation and the individual ‘zooms’ back to where they were.

The only way the spell caster can interact more than communication and vision is to use a teleport-distance and a teleport-touch spell together (with difficulty) to bring them in full form to their location. A spellcaster of this ability is of legendary power.

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