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Port City

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The Port City is a default advevnture set for Coastal City tiles on the outcast continent.  Due to the chaotic nature of these places and prevalence of ill behaviour, port cities of this type can only occur there or in areas run by Demon contingents.


Different factions:

  • Traders/Merchants
  • Slaves
  • Rebellion
  • Underground crime



The legal channel of trade.  There is some corruption, but those are dealt with by Vigilance forces or the local ruler who has an interest in keeping it under control.  Sometimes the local rulers are as corrupt as any others, but still want to have a hold over everything.  In those cases the roles may change for other factions, but the play style is essentially the same.

Traders are involved in management minigames.  The goal is to buy and sell.  Some portion of sales will goto taxes although traders can try to move things through the blackmarket.  They need to interact with the underground for this but also face robbing and complications.



Port cities are unfortunately a vestige of slavery practices.  The individuals are kidnapped from far coastlines by criminals and shipped to areas where they can work under minimal conditions.  The population of slaves therefore contains a wide variety of body types.  Players starting in this group can generate characters from any origin and have any combination of skills.



There are often many competing interests in a port city.  The rebellion takes place on many fronts; slaves, craftsmyn, etc.  The goals of the rebellion is to effect social change.  They are the radicals, the organizers, those that deliver information about things hidden from sight.  Rebellious factions often have a specific goal around which they rally.


Underground crime

The blackmailers, thieves, thugs and crooked traders.  Their goals are to take from others while not being caught.

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