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Although the primary three types of ecosystem in Shashnia are: Mountainous, Desert and Jungle, the Savannahs are key to the world due to their food production ability.  Permaculture is the main form of agriculture throughout the planet, since it can exist alongside a natural ecosystem.  The Savannahs (sometimes called Temperate transitions) are able to sustain larger cropping systems and grazing range animals.  These foodstuffs (and leathers) can be shipped via Cloudfarmers or other airships to less fertile areas.


Despite the higher agricultural production, the Savannahs are actually less populated in any one area.  Cities dot the land, usually alongside rivers or trade routes, and have a high population density, but the grasslands and crop fields just have small tight-knit villages.  These are friendly people, who welcome travellers.


Some communities are nomadic, moving camp throughout the year.  Especially those which follow herds of large grazing beasts, whose forage changes annually.  The large beasts and the nomads live in a mutualist relationship, caring for each other and making sacrifices to ensure both species' survival.  Example: Crab Cow


Savannahs are in danger of large predatory dinosaurs, so most villages have some sort of defense, or alerting towers.


....Grassland, Campo, field, Savannah, agricultural and nomadic land in between the jungles and the deserts.











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