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screen layout discussion

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years ago

The screen layout is what the players will encounter as they play adventures online through the encyclopedia.  It needs to have multiple frames, potentially toggleable so that they can access the necessary information easily.


Attribute panel: a list of their current stats and action point pools.

Location: either geographic or story-based location so they can find the page

Root description, or Main: where the bulk of information comes.  Probably want expandable java tree menus to avoid constant reloading when performing actions in a single tableau.

Title: quick summary or what's going on

Tableau illustration: landscape painting backdrop, and then some png or whatever as layers on top.  These additional layers above the landscape painting can be objects, modifications of the background, characters, NPCs, etc.  Generally they are clickable.  Navigation could also take place by regions on this screen, or even arrows positioned above the landscape painting so there's not a possibility of overlap with other objects.  Speech bubbles/conversations could also happen in this place.


Here is an example of what I've thought the screen layout could be:




This crappy sketch drawing is also available as a psd file to download and revamp should you so desire.  Log in and choose Files from the top bar.

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