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Page history last edited by 1nfinite zer0 9 years, 10 months ago

types of skyships

  • balloon
  • propellors
  • long, insect like legs with membranes (like water striders can stand on water, these use surface tension and magic to float in the clouds. they are limited to small structures (the size of a small building) and can only exist in dense clouds.


skyship mooring point considerations:



saves the ships landing on the ground and having to take off. not all ships would necessarily be built to land. some maybe made to land on water, and other solid land.


height around 2000ft (600m) above sea level, access to trade routes, water supply, a mast of sufficient strength, omnidirectional due to wind. should not be isolated by mountain ranges. back up fuel generation system if the onboard ship systems fail (which would be solar/wind powered anyways).


likely an elevator system within it.



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