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hashnimyn society is open-minded, family-based, established upon thinking where all is part of long term cycles.  Balance, tolerance and respect are emphasized.  As with any planet, there is a great deal of variation approaching problems.  There is a single world citizenship agreement, with conditions applying to Nations or villages as necessary.  Law is nationally enforced, but internationally recognized.  There is a global council, with proportional representation.  A universal language for trade is common, but dialects and original languages flourish.  Information is far-travelling, but goods and myn don't move as far.


Shashnia is a testing ground and place to explore alternate systems of governance. Players are free to make their own region, and choose to be outcasts or citizens.
  Selected Topics


Law & Organization

  • Economics

  • Government

    • Individual
      • right to freedom, but responsibility if sworn citizens
      • responsibility brings the benefits of cooperative society
      • non-citizens live in Chaos
        • most in outcast nations
      • rights of the individual do not superseed the rights of the planet, or of an entire species
        • long-term thinking is the standard, reflecting humility and respect of social contract
    • Family
      • not only the most genetically related
        • genetic parenthood is culturally less significant because eggs are raised together
      • chosen unit of individuals to which there is a strong tie. 
        • often apprenticehood parents from youth
        • multiple parents of any gender
      • elders to which there was a tutor-student relationship
      • siblings of the same cohort or close in age
        • those which have stronger friendships are considered brothers and sisters
        • those not as close are called half-siblings
      • fierce loyalty and generosity is the norm within family
        • a unit that is chosen for life and these relationships help to define a myn
      • Social Ecology 
    • Tribe - a self-organized group from which their is elected government representation
      • all those from the village or unit where a myn grew up
      • respect for the environment, respect for self and others
        • A tribe's history, beliefs and worships are tied to the land and cycles that sustain them
      • eco-communalism 
    • Nation
      • Citizenship is granted at this level
        • Transition to an adult citizen requires not only the coming of age quest and ceremony, but a trip to the national capital (usually with a small party of other Pending Adults) to seek legal confirmation and swear into citizenship
        • Citizenship = rights and responsibility to the World
      • Green politics 
      • Red Nations & White Nations
        • Two principle Nations, whose legacy persists since the Evolution War
        • International Competitions
          • A mix of organized warfare, and popular sports/olympics
      • Animal provinces
    • Continental Councils
      • International Criminal law & Army enforcement
        • Weather control is a declaration of war
          • local microclimates are allowed to have secondary weather effects (eg rainforest moisture facilitation)
          • meterologists are dangerous - secret agents with the right to extreme prejudice
        • National disputes outside of Olympic or dueling doctrines
    • Global Council - the world goverment
    • The Chosen one - JabayMudah
    • The Dual
  • Eugenics - breeding and romance are biologically less coupled than humans, so the future good of the species and the biosphere is considered
  • Honour

    • Dishonesty is considered one of the most destructive things to your honour
    • Ethics of war - challenge based mostly


Customs & Culture

  • Community

  • Life stages

    • Embryology - Shashnimyn start as eggs
    • Innocence - Once babies can walk, they're better left to their own devices than trying to parent
    • Youth - the age when learning starts
    • Rites of passage
      • big gain of character points, skills etc. 
      • a grant from gods, spirit animals, nature, ancestors
      • Involve:
        • a physically and spiritually demanding spirit quest
        • a mental and skillful demonstration to the vilage
        • a pilgrimage to a nation's capital as a reward, to swear a citizenship oath and expand the worldview
    • Adult
    • Elders
      • no one may govern an area unless their thinking is of the same length of time as the process which is taking place.  Temporary gain is inappropriate when faced with long-term destruction.
  • Language

    • based upon a minimalist combination of major continental language groups
    • syllable combinations and common symbols
    • sounds something like a combination of Zulu, Japanese and Portuguese to our ears.
  • Music
    • mostly rhythmic interest, microtonal and weird scales some places.



  • The Pantheon
  • Naturalistic deities; Spirit Animals & Nature Spirits
  • The Old Religion
    • animist, magical, internal/experiential spirituality
  • Major Cults
    • those with a certain threshold of subscribers whose gods and beliefs fit into the context of the world
  • Minor Cults
    • those below a threshold of believes or with beliefs insistent to be contrary to the theme of the world.


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