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Short adventure to play through the legend of Stormbringer




In his first mornings they called him child, as he grew he became known as Stormcaller.  When he was just a babe, his breast-mother swore that his anger wouldcall the storms.  The Elders dismissed this as a simpe sense of the change in pressure before a storm, something no different than the aches in their bones.  She insisted that his accuracy and relation between the strength of his fitrs and that of the storms was not coincidental.  The Elders thought it was.

Throughout the first four years of his life, their town-ship endured a frequency of harsh weather longer than it had ever in its centuries before.  The belief in ths child's link to the storms grew and some wished to throw him far into the Oceans below, to rid themselves of this foul luck.  His breast-mother would not have it.  She was one of the few that could calm him and insisted that between his bouts the serence peace and love to come from his eyes was like no other.  Those against the child said it was an enchantment upon her.  No Shaman or Diviner could find trace of an enchanctment on the woman or obvious power in the child.

When he reached the Innocent stage and had to fend for himself, his anger increased during weaning and then subsided as he gained a sense of required independence.  Finally the town-ship once again had times of clear sailing and good cloud-crops.  The child was ignored and mostly forgotten, as is typical to this stage.

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