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The Supramagicka is an evolutionary classification



The Supramagicka appears to have evolved from magickophores early on in the evolutionary history. Their primary core and nature is determined by the magickophores and the biological components are added as ‘supplementary’ features. This is opposite to the organisms of the Magicka, which are primarily biological and use the magickophores as supplementary organelles.


The Supramagicka are very few in number and diversity. They are highly specialized. They are generally conglomerates of micro-organisms.


Types: (this is not the correct biological terminololgy)

There are several types of beings within the Supramagicka that are so distinct that they deserve a class level of taxonomy. However, their fluid nature and diverse use of shared components/micro-organisms has made it impossible to delineate their phylogeny in the traditional manner.

They have been organized through the qualitative differences in their behaviour.


Free Spirits 

Primarily noncorporeal

Free spirits are beings with simple consciousness that are not physically bound to any place or thing. This group contains analogs of: ghosts, komodos (ref: mononoke), noncorporeal dryads and countless wandering entities.

Individuals within famililes show large variation. Hybrids are frequent and unpredictable.


Bound Spirits 

Noncorporeal but inhabit the bodies of other organisms.

Bound spirits are completely harmless on their own (If they are entrapped they can be good sources of magical energy. Doing so without their permission = enslavement == highly illegal and immoral). Each type of bound spirit has its own way of finding a host (permissive or invasive). The effects the spirit has upon its host dictates the subgroup to which it belongs.


Possessing Spirits

Posessing spirits wholly take control of their host and often imbue impressive magical abilities. They are generally not benevolent and usually exist for the purpose of destructive rampage or scheming mischief. The odd spirit of this type will be focused upon a quest, though usually something that is very obscure on nonsensical. For this reason, some scholars have suggested that this spirit might be a manifestation of Foreign gods


Hero Spirits

Do not take control of their hosts but grant them extra magical abilities or power. The consciousness of these pirits often try to inspire their hosts to do great deeds through ‘feelings’ or sometimes even telepathic speech. The will is still the hosts and it may still do as it pleases.

** errrr…This generally leads to hero spirits only hanging around for as long as the spirit feels it is getting what it desires from the host. 

** errrr… Most possessing sand hero spirits are irreversibly bound and the host must be exorcized or killed to free it. A few spirits are able to transfer host or leave one to float freely. These spirits are very old and powerful. There are only about a hundred of them, the weakest being superhuman and the most powerful being near a godling. Each has its own personality and intentions and often has a reputation and may act to make others aware of its presenced. The powerful but negative-intentioned bound spirits are called Demon Princes and the nice ones are called Guiding Angels. These names by no means predict all of their dispositions. 

The bonding of a host and a bound spirit is very specific. It does not happen accidentally since the bond is so permanent. The bound spirits search for an individual of their preference and then attempt to ‘woo’ them into making the join. 


Attaching Spirits

Very similar to bound spirits (some scholars would place them in that group) except that they are entirely corporeal. These spirits have a variety of bizarre physical forms which incorporate themselves into their hosts.


There are several types of attaching spirits:

  • Parasite Spirits
  • Mutualist Spirits

Parasite Spirits

Parasite spirits occasionally offer an advantage to its host but always cause it harm. A common tactic of parasite spirits is to fool/manipulate their host by pain or power to spread their offspring. They are essentially magical diseases. 


Mutualist spirits 

Mutualist spirits offer their hosts advantages at no or very little cost. They differ from hero spirits in that they can be seen when incorporated into a host, reproduce slowly, have no consciousness and will die after a time.

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