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Table of Contents

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efinitive Table of Contents



  • History of the World

    • World Attributes - physical description of the Shashnia planet Ethar
      • Geography - landscape features, major ecosystems and their current ways of living
        • Mountain - crystal, steam, monks, caves, troglodytes
        • Clouds - Algae Farmers. Sky ships
        • Jungle - pyramids, magii, chaos and darkness, abundance, ferocity
        • Savannah - tropical dry, the predominant landscape since climate catastrophe
        • Desert - astronomically potent, homes of illusions, edges shifting between reclaimed and aggressively swallowing
        • Canyon - ancient rivers, arch-cities, trade routes
    • Society - cultural traditions
    • Major Historical Events
      • First Age of Shashnia - Dinosaurs - extinct. left behind ancient technology
      • Three World Wars - Founding War, Evolution War, Demon Siege
      • The Major Apocalypses
        • Meteor Strike
        • Magic Detonation
        • Climate Disaster-scape
          • Low technology, High magic. Had to stop using Magic, but figured out how to balance. 
    • Legends
    • Proverbs
    • Characters
      • The Pantheon - The Dual God(dess)
      • Heroes
      • Gods - diverse naturalistic pantheon.
      • Protagonists
    • Knowledge - comparative tech level and understanding of phenomena relative to present humanity
    • Timeline - ordered linktree to historical/future events
  • Magic

          -Reshaping reality through mysterious forces that seem to defy entropy

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