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The Demon Siege

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The Sanctuary by ~maronski on deviantART



he Demon Siege is an on-going war to keep intergalactic entities of Evil from marching full force onto the planet of Shashnia. It is a siege against an army of Demons emplaced in the mountains and caverns of the North Pole, fought against by the strongest warriors and castles of all myn.


We cannot lose

It is the most perilous fight that the whole of Shashnia has ever faced. It is a fight that must be won at any cost. With failure comes not only the loss of the planet and all its species, but unleashing Demons to take control of the magical energy the planet harnesses. Evil would become a force that would control the entire galaxy, and in the process, consume all of the infinite possibilities of reality into a single, dead-end horrific destiny; Demon manifest destiny.


Spores of selfishness infected those who lusted for power

The Demons came due to a mistake long ago, before the Magic War <timeline>, when myn chose power over the prosperity of others. A fall from grace not unheard of in any civilization, and perhaps forgivable. However, this mistake of conscience, this lack of compassion spread, dwelling as slivers in the minds of many, carrying with it the spores of something darker. The spores of thought and sacrifice gave magical power to those whose minds they infected, and had a meme-like spread. But, in reality it was sending out a network of minds to root in, awaiting one big event that let the origin of this power tear a hole in the foot of space-time. Those who held these spores of power over others knew that they were permitting evil, but were not aware of how much they were gambling with. When magic comes into play, the stakes are high, and the outcomes sometimes beyond prediction.


Evil unleashed, driving the planet into apocalypse and produces a new evil

A great spell the Great Destruction was brought forth during the the Magic War as an attempt for the losing side to regain an advantage - to stop those who would rise against them forever. A guild of the strongest mages on the side of the selfish joined together their power to call upon an ancient and evil Entity to fuel a monstrous curse. The curse was your standard apocalyptic damnation and destruction to your enemies crap, inelegant and short-sighted to consider awakening an entity from a 10 billion year slumber for such a pithy task. An entity so capable that it could erase a civilization and its entire planet throughout the whole of time. Of course, in desperation and selfishness, it is easy to lose sight of priorities. Especially when you mind has been corrupted by the seeds of the Entity that wishes to awake.  The spell released, did not summon the Entity in full, but firmly planted a foothold in this reality and planet. It has since sent forth fragments of itself and minions to gather power and traction as it awakens.


The source discovered, a ring of fortresses was made and a counter-siege begun

The core of the Demon Siege is at the North Pole, directly opposite the grand library. The pole is welling out massive amounts of chaotic magical energy, increasing the global ambient levels, but also becoming a source of energy for a host of demons. The demons are presently contained by a series of six major fortresses and many smaller outposts, all connected by a great wall. The 6 fortresses of the elements are: Magic, Entropy, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. At each there is a set of gates which allow entrance past the wall. These gates were chosen because they are the easiest routes for the demons to escape. At each gate the monks in that fortress have pledged service to keeping the gates standing and have become near undead through a ritual of power and devotion to aid them in this act. They are incredibly powerful by Shashnimyn standards but are so single minded after the ritual that nothing will ever tear them from their duty. They raid into the demon lands on occasion to stop uprisings of coordinated demons from grouping to dangerous levels or effecting a complicated escape. Also, they stop the endless siege of demons who attack the gates and mange to get by on those rare times. There are two types of fortress: Siege towers and Fortified Castles (respectively focused on Attack and Defense).


Further selfish deals allow demons to infect across the world

Hunters are specially assigned to track down demons which escape the walls, either physically or magically. Demons that make it out of the demon lands at the pole have a difficult time manifesting themselves physically. To overcome this till they regain strength, they will possess individuals or make "deals" to trick those beings into allowing them a conversion to this plane. All of the demons are incredibly evil and self-serving, they have no regard for their minions or the future of anyone but their own gain of power. They are devious and trick, ruthless and hell bent on destruction of others. Often Demons need to establish a base for themselves to grow. They may do this by establishing a cult who follows them or, more typically, create a demon lair. They can enchant an entrance (this includes cave openings, door frames, dirt tunels, an archway made of a hedge, fallen trees connected all around, etc.) to be a portal into their lair/dungeon.

Demons can bypass the walls if they are able to make a deal with a myn and possess them.


The magic potential of Shashnia grows with time and the Demons mean to take it

The demon siege is required so that the demon lands to not expand and consume the world. but mostly, because, although the demons are hindered from expanding by the wall and fortresses, the amount of magical energy seeping out from the hole cannot be diminished significantly. By a slow leak, it will eventually contain the enitre galaxy within 1,000,000,000 years. Expansion of the Magic alone is repossibly a negligible thing, it will cause some destruction either way, but much less if the demons are kept at bay. The Dual have forseen that Shashnimyn could easily conquer the entire space in this time. Greed and selfishness seeded by the evil may turn to expansion and consumption i of the galaxy rather than peaceful expansions. This is the lesser evil however. Magickophores were the first organism to arise from the influx of magic. With the evil sphincter the next forms may not be so pleasant, great evil even thatn the demons which have been seen. The forms of evil to come are already hinted at by possession and demons, which are tiny fragments of horrible unbeings from dimensions beyond our comprehension. Pure chaos would be predictable and benign in comparison to these evil unbeing essences.


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