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Three World Wars

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The Three World Wars were epic conflicts that lasted many generations and shaped the history of Shashnia.

  • The Three World Wars are:
    • *The Magic War* - SWI
      • war over power and dominance
      • involved the newly born avatars
      • changed the amount of ambient magical energy
        • increased greatly, then burst. prompted the start of the demon invasion
      • ended in a mass detonation of magical power, bringing on a small (2000 year setback) apocalypse and technological regression.
    • *The Evolution War* - SWII
      • a socio-political war
      • a conflict in ethics divided the nations
      • the demand for diminishing resources under population pressure triggered the conflict into full-blown war
      • how was it ended?
    • *The Demon Siege* - SWIII
      • ongoing versus the growing magical leakage at the North pole.
Prior to all of these but not as prolonged or destrutive was the Founding WarSW0. The Founding war is considered to be one of the most crucial wars in the history of Shashnia, because it is the introduction of the Dual's presence and completely changed the course of history forever.

Magic War (scratch)

as the magic web came down upon the land, we knew then that the war was over. it put an end to the directed violence, raised panic and coping, a decrease in abundance of resources and how easy they were to get. there were those that turned to banditry, and became the outsider states. there were those who organized into communities and put their strength together, making good use of what they had.

in places, the world went in peace and in others, the conflict continued to rage.

the magic web was a global detonation of magical potential, released into the atmosphere following a patterned expansion across the sky.

magic ships could now go up higher

and the boundary layer had started to form.

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