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Revisionist Creation Myth as told by Shashnimyn of present day



  • formation of universe - 13.73 +/- 0.12 bya
  • formation of the Shashnian solar system
    • creation of favourable planetary conditions
  • formation of the atmosphere
  • formation of the current continents
  • Evolution of native life forms
    • bacteria, algae, worms, radial creatures, arthropods, etc
    • 6 legged amphibious land transition
    • Magickophores - incorporated biological engines
      • Supramagika - the taxa which evolved magic metabolism
        • Spirits, angels and dimensional beings
      • Magicka - the taxa which have incorporated it as an organelle


Early History

  • Expansion of the First Peoples - 50kya
    • Dinosaurians with high magic technology
    • collapse of the ancient civilization
  • The Great Ice Age - 40kya
  • The coming of Magic - 15kya
  • The arrival of the Dual - 13kya
    • Rise of Shashnimyn
    • Evolution of magical language
    • Civilization quickening
    • Rediscovery of Dinosaurian relics
    • Establishment of the Magical Schools
  • Magic War - Mobilized warfare and mass destruction
    • Caused by increase of magic
    • Focused power on few individuals
    • Ruling class vs. peasant class
    • Ended in Apocalypse - Great Destruction
  • The modern catastrophe/apocalypse 


The new epoch

Present day

  • Gameworld era for which the material is written
  • Sci-fi fantasy with tech level slightly above modern Earth


  • Adventures


  • Near future
    • Epic story of the 20th century humans who arrive on Shashnia
      • exploration of the Shashnimyn culture from new perspectives
      • great peril is balanced with great fortune as the humans become disunioned and join both sides of the Demon Siege


  • End of the Age of Humans
    • the living DNA of humankind only lasted for 2500 years on Shashnia
    • many consciousnesses still live in preservation, but slowly deteriorate, only to stay in the spirit world
  • All efforts to revive the humans from their extinction fail
  • The quest to find humanity begins


Far future

  • Shashnian system colonization phase - bases & mining of moons, asteroids and planets
    • Gumar declaration of Independance
  • Galatic phase - discovery of interstellar travel methods
    • interstellar conquest strategy game with the VBAM ruleset
      • ground based wargaming also
  • the intergalatic jump
    • human contact
    • teleport the universe drive group to Earth
    • the group acts as willing teachers of humanity
      • they discover that they are on the same timeline as the observer
      • they fight over what to do, and separate
      • the decision is to disappear, and some try to cast a spell to get them home


(edit idea.  a two column table, leftmost narrow with a gradient bar of illustrated events, big bang, stars, planetary edge, oceans, cellular life, villages, war, forest, darkness, space, spaceships)  


you'll find the odd human cloned in far future campaigns, but they are not long lived, telomer problems or something illness related.


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