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Travel time

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 10 months ago

Travelling distance should be able to be skipped, it’s no fun gameplay wise to have to walk every which way and romp endlessly when nothing happens. Also, it’s not so realistic to have everything lumped together. If the maps are set up so that they have ‘clumps’, areas of small action and interest and then the rest is symbolized by a fast moving clock. So, for a trade caravan escort mission, you’d do most of it in fast-time and enter some randomly generated road stretches for the wandering monster encounters, a few could be duds or ones that could be snuck by (for suspense’s sake) and then however many DM-made stretches for the planned adventures. I would like to have a time-based system, where players are roughly synchronized with each other. But it would happen that you could do things that did not require other players independent of constant time. So, using the above caravan example, those people guarding it can pass a long stretch of time in travel and reach night quite quickly before many players have started their day, but they would not be able to go through multiple days of travel if they were going to interact with other players. Conversely, bandit-type characters who wanted to raid a caravan, would also require that they take time from their day to do so. If both a guarding caravan group and a bandit-raiding group decided to play at the same time, it could be synchronized. If a caravan was traveling through a bandit-controlled area, the bandits could be notified so that those players online could join the raid.

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