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  Hinged upon the stars, you hung your spell to make use of long term patterns.  In a basement of the machine works sector of an ancient city your coffin lay hidden in the open.  The boilers were built long ago, then forgotten, since they now took care of themselves.  Illusion made your abode appear like another mechanical device of unknown purpose scattered amongst the rest.  Only those with magic sight could tell it was different.  But even then, the weaker of it would see it as a warded illusion, containing danger that could be unleashed.  Normally this would be cause to alarm; to find a secret object marked with a potential that was not well known and guarded by any sort of priestly shield.  However, upon leaving the area, all would forget to pass on the warning.  Only a few could see it and know it for what it truly was, and these are your myn, and they would leave it out of respect.  But your spell was reaching it's end, a century having passed and the stars stretching the last cobwebs of the spell from it's framework.  When the final three came apart, you awoke with rejuvenation.


What will you do? (2)

  • Inspect/Describe the room
  • Talk
  • Prepare yourself
  • Conceal your coffin with an illusion
  • a) Gather an item you have hidden with you
  • a) Go swiftly to a destination



  The coffin opens into the dark, the soft clink of the hinges stopping is barely noticeable above the permanent humming of the mazes of piping and panels that make up the walls of the room.  You look about quickly, to see if there is anyone who could notice your emergence.  Except for some cobwebs in different corners, the room looks identical to when you went to sleep.  You step out of the coffin, then tug on the handle of its floor.  The sealed compartment containing your equipment opens up.  You don your (insert article of clothing), strap on your backpack and then close both cavities.  Your coffin now appears as another nameless piece of machinery. 'That should be hidden enough for now' you think, and then the automatic lock clinks shut.


It is time to move, where will you go? (3)

  • The old safehouse for vampire kin
  • A library to seek someone who is knowledgable and impartial
  • A previous hunting ground
  • Other


3. Insert your choice here, by simply copying the bullet from above, or by typing your own addition.




Character Traits


  • vampireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee neeeeeenjah!!
    • has a magical bite
  • Capable of illusions
  • Dream walker
    • Can observe others dreams and give them messages
    • Cannot harm others in their dreams, but can intimidate
  • Political connections
    • Knows most of the other vampires, some are placed in notable positions. Some have grudges against her.


Plot discussion

Learning about the city, trying to find allies and information about the rest of your kind and how to avoid detection.  Confrontation with the slayers and connecting with sympathizers.  How to explain yourself as a being that is predatory, but not demonic.


What is the long term goal?  Is the character trying to understand herself or some greater truth?


Plot tree

  • awaking in an ancient crypt hidden beneath the city
  • your long sleep had to come to an end
    • it started from a civil war and of course the demons took advantage of the chaos to rise
      • citizens rallied into squads that hunted the demons and all other predators; vampires are monsters to many
    • enough time has passed that you are hungry
  • you don't know if it's safe to venture into the open
  • you must feed on something within a week of activty


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