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Page history last edited by 1nfinite zer0 9 years, 6 months ago


Greetings Adventurer!

   As you can see, the library is having many of the sections indexed and reviewed for your pleasure. Don't mind the cataloging bots as you stroll about the information aisles.  We welcome your contributions or assistance, after all, you are a part of this world.  The history of the world has been gathered together here for all to peruse.  As you read, you will notice it takes the form of an encyclopedia, but also stories of adventurers and debates of ideals and how to achieve them.



What is this website?

This is a wiki for collaborative fiction, art and discussions of futurism within the context of a fictional world.  Feel free to start any sort of page you desire.  From a description of the fictional village where you are from, a description of who you've always wanted to be, or a treatise on how alternative energy sources will affect the social interactions in future cities. 

 Welcome! We hope you find this a fun place to express your passion.



Where should I start?

If you have never visited the Grand Library before, let me please suggest you start with these articles:

  • Synopsis - a more thorough introduction on the nature and goals of this encyclopedia project.
  • Game Mechanics - how to play in this wiki as a role-playing game 
    • Quickstart Guide - learn 90% of the rules in 5 minutes 
    • Tutorial Adventure - in progress
  • Table of Contents - a categorical tree of subject topics
    • Here is the best place to start browsing; introducing the main points of the world
    • It shows the full range of topics, and includes gaming discussion as well as planetary history, culture and a list of creatures or technologies.
  • Adventures - playable fiction, playwrite your own RPG fantasy
    • Open-ended stories where you can create characters and explore, follow paths that have been written, or create new ones for your own personalized character!
    • Start here if you want to explore and add to existing story lines
    • Most adventures follow a 'play your own adventure' format, others have tutorials
  • Tags - Keyword list, navigate documents by shared subject 


Where are all the Dwarfs, Elves and Dragons?


If you have a specific subject that you are looking for, please use the Search function on the header bar. The tags listed in the bottom left box, at the end of each document will list all those connected to that keyword. The Linkers option will list all documents which are directly linked to that document.  The search functions as if the whole term was in quotes, so single words work better.


ission statement


    To build a positive, interactive, creative community in the context of a fantasy world.  To create a perpetual, open ended adventure game making use of the creative nature of traditional pen & paper RPGs while making use of the benefits of a computer-assisted environment.


     To explore human nature through creating an alien world, applying forward looking technologies and progressive thinking and reasoning how those would affect and develop culture.  To open discussion of principles to build a better tomorrow through allegory.  To educate youth in a fun, creative, exploratory and expressive way.  To build a community that interacts on the basis of creativity and compassion, cooperation.  The game mechanics and website rewards will reflect these goals by rewarding with positive feedback and points for positivity and cooperation.  Any effort gains points as feedback.  Peers in the community may grant additional points, with no total limits, but diminishing returns to specific individuals.  Friendships and long standing collaborations are also recognized and rewarded. As is reaching out to hose in need. 


     The community has started in wiki format and grown to include message boards and chat.  Adventures are community written to follow & expand the theme of the sci-fi fantasy world.  A near utopia with many social and technological differences from our own, differences meant for gameplay but also to encourage discussion of how an ideal system could work.



Community Contributed


Another way of framing it, is this project is a fictional encyclopedia set in the Shashnimyn universe as created by R. Aaron Ball and community.  This can include you if you are interested.  As such, do not hesitate to comment and contribute your own articles. Additions from outside sources will lead to increased momentum and goodness! ~: )


If you are using 3rd party material, ensure that you have permission (e.g. creative commons), or back-link and cite religiously!  The sections which will be most up to date are those pages which can be accessed immediately by new players; things that are needed to dive into play right away.  The basic rules are story-based and simple, with skills and combat introduced by tutorial adventures.



   A personal apology to you all for how many dead links may still lurk out there.  This is by all means still a work in progress as with all wikis.  I am inserting links to new documents as I come across them based upon information I have thought of, written elsewhere, or mean to create.

   I have over 300 pages of writing and diagrams online already. With more in my notebooks and ideas constantly coming, it's constantly growing.  I love feedback though, and my contributions always speed up when there's an opportunity to interact with you through an adventure to write or someone to discuss things with.

  RAB/1nfinite zer0



This website contains original material (text, images, rules), creative commons material (images) and Open Gaming License material (rpg rules).  This paragraph is a common wording introduction to the various copyright levels on this site, for specific information please view the specific legal licenses.  Original material on this website is copyright 2003-2011.  Creative commons images are used with attribution (back linking) and are often remixed where the license allows.  OGL material is attributed and comes primarily from the FUDGE OGL system.




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