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Tutorial Adventure

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he sun rose and warmed the bed through the window.  Birds sang, all that usual nonsense.  It was more than likely to be like every other day in Notumu' simple existence: tend the fields, get pestered by the other Youths, then retreat to the greenhouses with a book to study botany, only to emerge when the dinner bell rang.  Sure, he had friends, but he felt taken advantage of most of the time.  He was bigger than most of them, but couldn't stand up to their teasing anyways.


Hmm, the sun has barely moved and already I'm dreading what's coming' the thought spurned him out of bed, but the negativity did not quit tumbling as he fumbled into workclothes.

The rules portion of the tutorial is still needing lots of work, for now please see Game Mechanics to fill in the gaps of explanation.

Outside of his room the day did indeed to be a normal one, the scents of bread drifted down from the kitchens, the farmers checking over their tools.  How bakers and farmers were able to rise before the dawn Notumu could never fathom.  The warm temptations of a soft bed and dreamlands would always trump any desire to see each day born.  But, he'd asked of both of them what got them going, in hopes to gain some of their spark of energy

"Each day is an adventure, you throw yourself into it because you are grateful and excited," The supervisor of the yam fields told him. "The bread doesn't bake itself, people are relying on it to be ready.  It's just become habit I guess... But, seeing the whole day is renewing, staying up late holds less fascination of the world, and more to do with diversion, I'd say" The baker he liked best was considered codgy by many other youth, a bit too grumpy and inconsistent with handouts of sweet buns.

As these thoughts ran through his head, Notumu vowed once again that today would be different.  He began making lists of all the things he planned to get done.  Ambitious lists longer than the degrees of the sun's arc.  His furled brow of organization was plain to see across the courtyard and Hafarn yelled to catch his attention "Hey Notumu, you wear the face of a business man with too many projects.  A youth of your position should be thinking of just one thing, breakfast!"

Hafarn put down the whetstone and walked alongside, wrapping an arm across Notumu's shoulders and jovially shaking out some of the stress.  The grip was strong, but Notumu could feel his own muscles resisting this bear hug more than they used to.  "What are you plotting now? The construction of a straw machine to work for you, make you famous or something?"

"No, Hafarn" Their pace synced, Notumu let his head hang a bit and his shoulders followed unconsciously "It's just... I dunno, I want to do my best each day, but I can't"

"Hehe," a slight chuckle followed by a teasing "ARRGGGHH!" and a two handed shake, still maintaining the walking hug

"Not that again.  I wish I could just make things go away, but you know where it's coming from."


"No, listen, and try to do this today, just one thing.  Be happy with what you are doing.  You are capable and good at what you do.  Don't worry about those other Youth, it's okay to retreat to your sanctuary in the greenhouse.  At your age everyone is figuring things out.  Be thankful you've found something to inspire you, who cares if the others don't appreciate that.  You're a good worker, and you are pushing yourself in the direction that you want.  It hurts only because they don't know what they want, and they inflict their feelings on you.  I see them play and annoy everyone all afternoons.  Hopefully none of them will stay that way, or we'll have to start a fued with the next town to get their heads knocked in"

"Haha, right Hafarn, like the town would be willing to lose by letting them be competitors" Notumu poked him in the ribs and smiled a bit.

"I for one," he paused to mock the hand signals of an oath "would be willing to lose a round or two if it would make them stop trampling the cabbage."

They both laughed together, the lists of tasks melting into the day with the dew.  As Notumu walked into the cafeteria, he caught sight of a plain brown sparrow, singing trills and sputters, happy for another day.


Is this an Adventure or a Story?

Well, it reads like a story, but what if you were making the choices that Notomu did?  The story would progress, and that's an adventure!  At it's essence, that is what this game is about: Writing what characters do, think and experience. 

But!  It can be more interactive than writing a book, because other people are controlling characters of their own.  Supposing you are trying to do things that counter each other, like bartering for a piece of magic jewelry.  If each person just wrote their own story, then maybe both would get it, and for really cheap too!


But, that's where the game part of adventuring comes in: a structure of rules that we as players agree to so that a fair story can unfold.


Basics of Interactive Storytelling

Rule 0: Write what happens to your character

Just like the story that introduced this page, you can start new pages or add to others describing what happens to you.  And when we say you, we mean your character.  A person (or animal!) that you control that experiences, chooses and does stuff and things and things and stuff.


Rule 1: You have absolute say over your actions, but cannot puppeteer others unreasonably

This is the first part of the agreement to cooperate with other players.  And that doesn't mean you cannot act against them... well, let's just give you another example rather than explaining things too much.

You are the player that is controlling Notomu, and I am controlling the other character.


EXAMPLE UNFINISHED - conflict situation between notomu and a bully, give a choice of actions to write. one controls, one does not, one just inching into the grey area of controlling other player.


Rule 2: You can make things that are less likely to happen by making dice rolls


EXAMPLE UNFINISHED - no need to learn the dice rule yet, just where the situation is needed


Rule 3: Exceptional things can happen through spending points


EXAMPLE UNFINISHED - example of failing, point to fudge/reroll one dice.


EXAMPLE UNFINISHED - second example of needing to do awesome, and buying up a level


Judging Uncertain Situations

Core mechanic



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