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Subjective Character Creation

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Subjective Character creation


Instead of having a set number of creation points to divide and purchase attributes and skills from, a player writes as much as they’d like (at least paragraph or two) about their character.  The GM and player will then decide what levels each attribute, skills, advantages and disadvantages are reasonable.  Note, that it’s good to describe key events in the character’s past, as well as flaws in their personality or habits.  Characters that are more assymetric are likely to have the highest statistics available (at most a few superb).


Can also play subjective creation as an ongoing thing, with only some of the story of the past fleshed out, and then as skills are purchased points are spent and a legitimate story weaving everything together is created for the character.  Unspent creation points can go towards the purchase of skills as you go, less recommended for attributes and items, but if you simply must start playing without much prep, it is possible to make it work and be fun.


Character Design

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