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The Big Three

Page history last edited by 1nfinite zer0 7 years, 2 months ago

New big three, sept02013

make them measurable, specific, rules and theme are interrelated.

1. What is game about

2. What do the characters do?

3. What do the players do?


1.The game is about sustainability in a high fantasy world that offers challenges in environmental imbalances and demons which represent psychological hooks to lead to character development.

2.The characters are above-average myn who can use adaptible magic domains and skills to restore imbalances in towns infrastructure/economy, ecosystems or communities. They also seek out and combat demons who have escaped the Demon Wall and are causing these imbalances.

3.Players use story points to create an economy amongst themselves and the narration pool that provides complications and modifications to the dice roles.



Former from Alpha draft

can't copy/paste because i password protected it, hah!



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